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Effective 4.8.23, the Zen Center of San Diego has moved from a "mask required" to a "mask optional" policy for in-person attendance. Please visit our homepage for more details.

We are still requiring that in-person attendees be fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19. If you are not vaccinated or are experiencing COVID-19 or other flu-like symptoms please join us virtually. Links can be found below.

Click here for information on Newcomer Orientation.

The regular schedule is in effect most of the year, except during Sesshin (retreats). Please check the Sesshin calendar before planning to attend one of the regularly scheduled events to ensure Sesshin is not in progress.

Dawn Sittings: Tuesday and Thursday, 6:00-6:50 AM.

Wednesday Evening: Two Sittings, 6:30-7:40 PM; Practice discussion follows (until about 8:20 PM).

Saturday Morning: Three Sittings and Talk, 9:00-Noon

Newcomers: On the first Saturday morning of the month, there is an introductory online class at 9am. The class includes meditation instruction plus an overview of the teaching at the Center. There is no charge for the class. Click here to see the schedule and the link.

Dawn Sitting Schedule

Dawn Sitting Link: Click here.

Our Dawn Sittings take place each Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 to 6:50am with a midpoint stretching break.

5:55                Gather in silence for sitting
6:00-6:25    Sitting
6:25-6:30     Mindful Break
6:30-6:50     Sitting*
6:50-6:55     Vows, bows, closing

Wednesday Schedule

Wednesday Program Link: click here.

Our Wednesday program begins at 6:20. It has two periods of meditation followed by a discussion, often on a brief presentation made by a student.

6:20                Gather in silence for sitting
6:30-7:00    Sitting
7:00-7:10     Mindful Break
7:10-7:40     Sitting*
7:40-7:45    Mindful Break
7:45-8:15     Discussion
8:15-8:20     Vows, bows, closing

*Note: We plan to offer the chance for breakout groups during this period about once per month.

Saturday Schedule

Saturday Program Link: click here.

Our Saturday Program begins at 8:50. It includes three periods of meditation, a service with a group reading, and a talk or discussion.

8:50                  Gather in silence for sitting
9:00-9:30      Sitting
9:30-9:40      Mindful Break
9:40-10:10     Sitting
10:10-10:20    Mindful Break
10:20-10:45   Sitting
10:45-10:55   Service
10:55-11:00    Mindful Break
11:00-11:45     Talk, circle sharing, or discussion
11:45                  Vows, bows, closing