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There will be sitting with daisan from 10am-noon on August 7th and August 21.
The July Newsletter includes announcements and an article: Self-Indulgence.
Enrollment is open for the August sesshin (August 9-14). This is a 5-day sesshin, but you may apply to only attend the first or last 3 days. Priority will be given to those who can attend all 5 days.  An application is available at http://tinyurl.com/sesshin.
Although the center will be closed for sesshin from August 9-14, all are welcome to "side sit" during sesshin sitting blocks. You may also attend dharma talks and the closing ceremony. See the sesshin schedule for details. Daisan will resume on Wednesday, August 17th. 
Facebook Page
ZCSD has a new FaceBook page for announcements and basic information. Like us at www.facebook.com/zencentersandiego.
Here is the sesshin schedule for 2017:
February 17-20 (San Diego)
April 11-16 (San Diego)
June 8-11 (Questhaven)
August 8-13 (San Diego)
October 6-9 (San Diego)
December 26-31 (San Diego)
The June Newsletter includes announcements and an article: Two Directions of Practice.
Sesshin Cancellations
With the on-line sesshin application process solidly in place, we have been receiving a greater number of applicants. As a result, there is typically a wait list of hopeful attendees. Last minute cancellations often preclude a wait list applicant from being able to attend and results in unnecessary food costs. In the future, we will be imposing the cancellation fees described in the acceptance notice. We understand that emergencies and illnesses arise and will certainly take those circumstances into consideration. Thank You.
Membership Dues
Zen Center members are now able to pay dues with PayPal. You may pay dues monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Payments can also be scheduled for automatic payment from a checking account or credit card.  There is a small transaction fee for the service which has been added to the payment (about 3% -- for a monthly dues payment of $30, the fee will be $1).  We encourage members to pay their dues with PayPal to help us streamline accounting procedures at ZCSD.