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During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Zen Center of San Diego is conducting two Zoom meetings, one for Wednesday sitting and the other for Saturday. The program will begin at 6:20 pm on Wednesdays and 8:50 am on Saturdays. You can access the meeting on your computer or your phone. You are cordially invited to join us.

Wednesday Schedule

Wednesday Program Link: click here.

The Meeting ID is 898 0610 3358.

Our Wednesday program begins at 6:20. It has two periods of meditation followed by a discussion, often on a brief presentation made by a student.

6:20                Gather in silence for sitting
6:30-7:00    Sitting
7:00-7:10     Mindful Break
7:10-7:40     Sitting*
7:40-7:45    Mindful Break
7:45-8:15     Discussion
8:15-8:20     Vows, bows, closing

*Note: We plan to offer the chance for breakout groups during this period about once per month.

Saturday Schedule

Saturday Program Link: click here.

The Meeting ID is 816 2356 0104.

Our Saturday Program begins at 8:50. It includes three periods of meditation, a service with a group reading, and a talk or discussion.

8:50                  Gather in silence for sitting
9:00-9:30      Sitting
9:30-9:40      Mindful Break
9:40-10:10     Sitting
10:10-10:20    Mindful Break
10:20-10:45   Sitting
10:45-10:55   Service
10:55-11:00    Mindful Break
11:00-11:45     Talk, circle sharing, or discussion
11:45                  Vows, bows, closing

Some members of our ZCSD community have anonymously offered to match donations to the Center up to $2,000. They will match your donation dollar for dollar, so even a small donation will have double the impact on the Center. ZCSD relies on donations to help support our practice. The Coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on both our expenses and income. For many of us, practice through ZCSD has been transformative in our lives. Donations to ZCSD as a non-profit organization may be tax deductible.

We welcome your support.

You may donate online via Paypal:

Checks can be sent to:

2047 Felspar Street
San Diego, CA 92109-3551

Ezra Bayda and Elizabeth Hamilton are no longer teaching at ZCSD.

When live activities can resume at the Center, the regular practice schedule will recommence as follows:

Dawn Sitting: Weekdays, Monday-Friday 6-7 AM

Tuesday Evening: Two Sittings, 6:30-8:00 PM

Wednesday Evening: Two Sittings, 6:30-7:40 PM; Practice seminar follows (until about 8:20 PM)

Saturday Morning: Work practice 8:30 AM, Three Sittings and Talk 9:00-Noon

All are welcome.
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Zen Center members may pay dues with PayPal. You may pay dues monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Payments can also be scheduled for automatic payment from a checking account or credit card.  There is a small transaction fee for the service which has been added to the payment.  We encourage members to pay their dues with PayPal to help us streamline accounting procedures at ZCSD.