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Membership Dues Payment

We offer subscriptions and one-time payments via PayPal. Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. We've added a small amount to cover Paypal's transaction fee.

Automated Subscriptions

One-Time Dues Payments

Practicing ($30/month)
Founding, Family Practicing ($45/month)
Affiliate ($15/month)
Student/Senior, Family Affiliate ($20/month)


Membership Categories

Founding: for those who wish to make a substantial contribution toward the Center's operation: $45/month minimum donation.

Practicing: for single people who are local and come to ZCSD regularly: $30/month minimum donation.

Family Practicing: for couples who are married or have been living together for at least one year (minor children can be included): $45/month minimum donation.

Student/Senior: for full time students (with 12 units or more, and a monthly income of $500 or less) and retired seniors on fixed incomes: $20/month minimum donation.

Affiliate: for those who live at a distance or participate irregularly: $15/month minimum donation.

Family Affiliate: for couples who qualify as affiliates, and their minor children: $20/month minimum donation.