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Meditations and Music: Instruments of Peace Series

I. Guided Meditations
  1. Invitation (Peter Sprague, guitar; Elizabeth, words)
  2. Tuning Up the Sensing Instrument (Peter and Elizabeth)
  3. What is our Life About (words by Ezra Bayda, spoken by Elizabeth, music by Peter and Elizabeth)
  4. Dedication (Peter and Elizabeth)
II.  Keyboards and Guitar
  1. Marcello-Bach, Andante (Elizabeth, piano)
  2. Bach, Prelude  in C (Elizabeth, harpsichord)
  3. Bach, Improvisation, Prelude in C  (Peter and Elizabeth)
  4. Satie, Improvisation on Gymnopedies I (Peter and Elizabeth)
  5. Handel, Sarabande (Igor Kipnis and Elizabeth)

PETER SPRAGUE: Peter's guitar was the first music Rosa Parks heard at her 79th birthday, the founding of the West Coast Rosa Parks Institute. Spragueland Studios credit for the Invitation, Tune-up and Dedication, and three music selections.

ELIZABETH HAMILTON: harpsichordist, pianist, Zen Practice consultant (nondenominational) at the Zen Center of San Diego.  Author, Untrain Your Parrot – and Other No-nonsense Instruction on the Path of Zen (Shambhala Publications 2007), co-founder, Rosa Parks Institute, West Coast-Mexico Branch.

EZRA BAYDA teaches at the Zen Center San Diego. He is the author of Being Zen, At Home in the Muddy Water, and Zen Heart (Shambhala Publications) and Saying Yes to Life – Even the Hard Parts (Wisdom Publications).  His What is Our Life About, read by Elizabeth,  is accompanied by Peter and Elizabeth improvising on Eric Satie’s Gymnopedies I.

IGOR KIPNIS: Grammy-winning harpsichordist, and duo-harpsichord concert partner with Elizabeth for many years. Handel selection recorded live in concert.