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Membership at ZCSD is for committed students who wish to work with a teacher on a personal and individual basis. New students are asked to make a minimum commitment to practice for six months.

Members have the following privileges:

No one has ever been denied practice for monetary reasons. While all members enjoy the same privileges, the amount of the requested monthly donation to ZCSD differs, according to membership category. These categories are:

Founding: for those who wish to make a substantial contribution toward the Center's operation: $45/month minimum donation.

Practicing: for single people who are local and come to ZCSD regularly: $30/month minimum donation.

Family Practicing: for couples who are married or have been living together for at least one year (minor children can be included): $45/month minimum donation.

Student/Senior: for full time students (with 12 units or more, and a monthly income of $500 or less) and retired seniors on fixed incomes: $20/month minimum donation.

Affiliate: for those who live at a distance or attend irregularly: $15/month minimum donation.

Family Affiliate: for couples who qualify as affiliates, and their minor children: $20/month minimum donation.

Before applying for membership, local people are asked to attend ZCSD for the Introductory Sitting Instruction session, and to read the Meditation Hall Procedures and Daisan Procedures. We also ask local prospective members to attend the center regularly (once or twice a week) for at least two months before submitting an application for membership. Exceptions are made in rare cases, at the discretion of the teachers.

To apply for membership, complete a membership application and submit it with the first two months' donation in advance.

The application and donation, either stapled together or in an envelope, are placed in the Membership Folder in the ZCSD kitchen-office, or mailed to:

Membership Coordinator
Zen Center San Diego
2047 Felspar Street
San Diego, CA 92109

The Membership Coordinator will notify you in writing when your membership is approved or denied, usually within a month. Membership privileges do not begin until you are notified that your membership has been approved.

If you have any question about the membership application procedure, your current membership standing, or any of the subjects discussed above, please contact the Membership Coordinator either in person at ZCSD most Saturdays, or by email at membership@ zencentersandiego.org.

Once you are a member, you are responsible for paying dues and can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. Many members find it convenient to set up online Payment via Paypal.