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Elizabeth Hamilton, Teacher

Elizabeth Hamilton has lived and practiced at the Zen Center of San Diego since it was established 1983, from the Black Mountain Zen Group.

In 1994 she received authorization to teach from Charlotte Joko Beck in the Ordinary Mind and White Plum Lineages. The same year, she and Mother Rosa Parks co-founded a West Coast–Mexico branch of the Rosa Parks Institute.

Elizabeth began Zen practice in 1975 at the Zen Center of Los Angeles, with Taizan Maezumi Roshi, and has led retreats in the United States, Nova Scotia, and Australia, individually and with her practice partner–husband Ezra Bayda. They currently lead a yearly retreat in Paris.

She has written Untrain Your Parrot – and Other No-nonsense Instruction on the Path of Zen (Shambhala Publications, 2007).  She and Norman Fischer are currently completing an audio and written project, Meditations at the Edge.