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About Zen Center San Diego

The mission of Zen Center San Diego is to support participants in practicing the path of awakening, in order to live more fully with kindness, compassion and appreciation.

In addition to providing an environment where people can learn and practice Zen meditation, there is a strong focus on cultivating clarity and equanimity within the high-speed confusion of everyday life. To make this possible, the following qualities are emphasized:

Stillness: settling down in mind and body.

Perseverance: staying with all the ups and downs of our lives.

Clear seeing: clarifying our conditioned beliefs and strategies.

Willingness: acknowledging and embracing whatever life presents – including anger, fear, shame and confusion – as the path of awakening.

Loving-kindness: awakening to the loving-kindness and compassion that are the nature of our being.

ZCSD, part of the White Plum Zen Lineage, is unaffiliated with any particular religious denomination. We welcome those from any tradition and with varied backgrounds and diversities.

Introductory instruction is available most Saturday mornings at 8:45. Please see the schedule for exceptions.