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Important Announcements

Online Sitting/Programs

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Zen Center's program is going online, through Zoom.
For more information, click here.

Newcomer Orientation has gone virtual

Click here for information and links.

Request for Donations: Matching Grant

Some members of our ZCSD community have anonymously offered to match donations to the Center up to $2,000. They will match your donation dollar for dollar,
so even a small donation will have double the impact on the Center. ZCSD relies on donations to help support our practice. The Coronavirus pandemic has put a
strain on both our expenses and income. For many of us, practice through ZCSD has been transformative in our lives. Donations to ZCSD as a non-profit organization may be tax deductible.

We welcome your support.

You may donate online via Paypal:

Checks can be sent to:

2047 Felspar Street
San Diego, CA 92109-3551>

Give yourself to others, like a white bird in the snow.